Commercial Fencing Commercial Fencing

Commercial Fencing

Concrete fencing is and excellent way to protect your investment and secure commercial properties. 

Razor Wire Concrete Fence Razor Wire Concrete Fence

Razor Wire Concrete Fence

Razor wire on top ensures another layer of security for your properties and investments. Perfect for Industrial Parks, Storage Facilities, & Equipment Businesses (protecting your assets)... Razor wire is great for securing access because any person or animal trying to pass through it faces discomfort and potential injury due to the sharp wire.

Public - Sound & Graffiti Proof Fencing Public - Sound & Graffiti Proof Fencing

Public - Sound & Graffiti Proof Fencing

Graffiti sealant is available, offering a beautiful protective sheen that lasts a long time. Sound isolation is also one of many perks of using our concrete fences.

Commercial precast fencing

There is many advantages of using precast concrete fencing for commercial purposes.

Compared to other types of commercial fencing such as chain-link or brick walls, precast concrete fences offer several benefits:

Overall, precast concrete fencing is a versatile and practical choice for commercial projects, and interested parties are encouraged to contact AmericreteFencing for a free custom estimate.


1. How long does your fencing last?

Our special concrete mix lats 50+ years.

2. How long does your stain last?

Our professional stains last 10+ years.

3. Does the stain protect the integrity of the fence?

No it's purely cosmetic.

4. What heights does the fence come in?

Standard fence we offer is 6ft and 8ft walls.

5. Are there seems in the panel?

No it's one full panel providing more strength and security.

6. Do you do custom projects?

Yes we do! Give us a call and we can schedule a free consultation.

7. What is a precast fence?

A precast fence is a concrete fence that is made at a facility and then installed at your site, minimizing the construction around your property. It is poured into molds that are cured properly and can be shipped to your property. 

8. What are precast concrete fences used for?

For various types of projects. Commercial, industrial, residential...

9. Can the fence be repaired if damaged?

Yes, absolutely. Although the fences are extremly durable, if something happens they can be fixed. Fix is easy and fast, saving you money!

10. How much does a precast concrete fence cost?

While precast concrete fences are typically cheaper than normal concrete fences, you still have to consider the cost of the materials, labor and shipping the fence wherever, for more information contact us for more details about the costs for your project.

11. Can i choose my color?

We have standard color choices but any custom color can be achieved.

12. Can i use it as a retaining wall?

No, but the fence can be installed on top of the retaining wall.

13. How much access do i need for the installation site?

The place of installation needs to be accessed by a truck, because the precast fences are transported that way and lifted for installation.

14. Can i attach stuff on the fence?

It's not recommended to have heavy side pulls on the fence, as it can couse problems in the long run, but can be done.

15. Do i need a permit?

A permit is not required for a 6ft fence, but 8ft will require a permit in some counties. Permit is the property owners responsibility, Americrete Fencing will provide fence drawings.

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