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Precast Residential Concrete Fences Precast Residential Concrete Fences

Precast Residential Concrete Fences

A cost-effective and durable alternative to brick or stone masonry fences. When seeking an attractive and long-lasting fence solution, precast concrete has all the advantages of a traditional privacy fence at a much better cost. Built to withstand harsh weather conditions and wear, precast concrete is the ultimate fencing solution.

Privacy Privacy


Precast concrete fences and walls give you an easy, cost-effective way to gain more privacy for you and your family. Our precast walls are easy to install around your property and can be built as high as 8-feet, creating a solid barrier between your home or community and the surrounding area.

There is no gaps between our planes and it means nobody can see trough the fence and ensuring you keep your privacy.


Noise Reduction Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction

Residential areas can be full of noise and precast concrete can help with that. When there is loud noise in the neighborhood, sound waves get absorbed by our concrete fence, unlike other types of fences with holes or that are thin, where noise easily passes trough to your house and yard.

Residential fencing

Choosing the right fencing system to place around your residential property can be a major decision for any property owner, and with so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the right one. There is no discussion precast concrete is the best option for residential fencing, as it provides a range of benefits that traditional fencing systems cannot match.

Wooden fences are a classic fencing choice, especially in neighborhoods, and provide a barrier between you and your neighbor. However, they are highly susceptible to damage and can need constant repairs or replacement throughout the years. Over time, these maintenance costs can add up, making them an expensive choice.

Metal fences on the other hand, are a popular fencing option for homeowners who want to put up a fence that will require little maintenance and provide a sturdy barrier. They are usually easy to install and can be placed on uneven surfaces. However, if you are looking for a fence that will provide you with privacy, top security, and help block noise from the surrounding area, this type of fencing will fall short. Precast concrete is a better fencing choice than wood or metal, as it provides the beauty and solid barrier you would get with the wood fencing – with none of the maintenance and all the benefits of a metal fence.

Precast concrete is made in a controlled environment away from the project site, which means fewer delays, quick installation, and a more sustainable process. Creating precast concrete fencing panels off-site allows for more control over the final product's quality and appearance. It is also more cost-effective and means less construction at your residence.

There are many benefits to using a precast concrete fence for residential areas. First and foremost, they are aesthetically pleasing. Typically, when you think of concrete, you may think of industrial buildings and construction sites full of cold, gray concrete that is boring to look at. However, precast concrete will make you rethink everything you've ever thought about concrete. Americrete Fencing offers a wide variety of products that will leave you with a gorgeous fence. We can produce a fence that providesthe classic look of wood, without any downsides of a traditional wood fence and all the benefits of precast concrete.

Another benefit of precast concrete fencing is privacy. Precast concrete fences and walls give you an easy, cost-effective way to gain more privacy for you and your family. They are easy to install around your property and can be built as high as 8 feet, creating a solid barrier between your home or community and the surrounding area. Having a solid barrier around your home that does not contain gaps means no one can see through the fence and peer into your home, allowing you to maintain your privacy.

Security is another significant advantage of precast concrete fencing. Because these fences can be built high, and create a sturdy and robust barrier, nothing can get through. Precast concrete fences are hard to get over or through, and they also become a deterrent to would-be thieves who typically try to steal things they can see. Fences from Americrete Fencing shield your property and the stuff within from being seen by anyone passing by.

Precast concrete fencing is also a sustainable option. Choosing precast concrete is a more sustainable way to build a concrete fence, as the panels are created in a warehouse where the molds can be used for multiple jobs, so there is less waste during production. Plus, because they last such a long time, you won't need to waste materials having them replaced.

Noise reduction is another benefit of precast concrete fencing. Residential areas can be full of noise, and a precast concrete wall can help reduce the noise you hear in your home. When something from the neighborhood makes noise, the sound waves travel through the gaps in traditional fences and reach your residence. Precast fences have no gaps and apsorb the sound waves coming from outside, so the noise is greatly reduced.

Durability is also one of many benefits. Precast fences have the ability to withstand earthquakes, extreme weather, and water damage. It is also immune to damage caused by termites, pests, or rust, making it a cost-efficient option as it requires fewer repairs and maintenance over the years.

Precast concrete is more affordable to produce because it involves less waste and complications during the manufacturing process. This cost-saving is passed on to customers, making it a more affordable option than site-cast fences.

Another benefit of precast concrete is that it saves time during the construction process. All the work, except for the installation process, takes place in a temperature-controlled warehouse, away from the site. On the other hand, site-cast concrete requires workers to be on-site throughout the entire process. Overall, using precast concrete for building fences and walls is a cost-efficient and time-saving option that offers long-lasting durability and minimal maintenance requirements.

Americrete Fencing is the way to go for your Residential Properties.

If you are looking to build precast fence aroud your residential property or home, our expertise, knowledge and experience will provide you with best high quality fences.
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1. How long does your fencing last?

Our special concrete mix lats 50+ years.

2. How long does your stain last?

Our professional stains last 10+ years.

3. Does the stain protect the integrity of the fence?

No it's purely cosmetic.

4. What heights does the fence come in?

Standard fence we offer is 6ft and 8ft walls.

5. Are there seems in the panel?

No it's one full panel providing more strength and security.

6. Do you do custom projects?

Yes we do! Give us a call and we can schedule a free consultation.

7. What is a precast fence?

A precast fence is a concrete fence that is made at a facility and then installed at your site, minimizing the construction around your property. It is poured into molds that are cured properly and can be shipped to your property.

8. What are precast concrete fences used for?

For various types of projects. Commercial, industrial, residential...

9. Can the fence be repaired if damaged?

Yes, absolutely. Although the fences are extremly durable, if something happens they can be fixed. Fix is easy and fast, saving you money!

10. How much does a precast concrete fence cost?

While precast concrete fences are typically cheaper than normal concrete fences, you still have to consider the cost of the materials, labor and shipping the fence wherever, for more information contact us for more details about the costs for your project.

11. Can i choose my color?

We have standard color choices but any custom color can be achieved.

12. Can i use it as a retaining wall?

No, but the fence can be installed on top of the retaining wall.

13. How much access do i need for the installation site?

The place of installation needs to be accessed by a truck, because the precast fences are transported that way and lifted for installation.

14. Can i attach stuff on the fence?

It's not recommended to have heavy side pulls on the fence, as it can couse problems in the long run, but can be done.

15. Do i need a permit?

A permit is not required for a 6ft fence, but 8ft will require a permit in some counties. Permit is the property owners responsibility, Americrete Fencing will provide fence drawings.

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